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Get AppZapper for free

Great publicity tactic: get bloggers to blog about it, give away copies for free once there's enough buzz.

Link, for the Mac fans.

Stim junkies: here now

Holy... Somebody get Niven on the phone, quick.

Earthlink IPv6 sandbox

I stumbled across this article quite by accident. Neat!

The gist of the matter: Earthlink's R&D lab is doling out blocks of IPv6 addresses, accessible by some router firmware they hacked up.

I think I'm going to flash the firmware on my WRT54g and give it a shot. Why? No practical reason really; it's just too geeky to pass up.

WackGet: minimalist download manager for Windows

Don't know what a download manager is? Try Wackget!

I don't think I've ever posted about this before, but if you're into fast lightweight software, Wackget is a great tool for queueing up downloads. It works with the DownloadWith extension for Mozilla and Firefox too, so you can right-click on URLs and send the download right to Wackget's queue.

Another cool feature I should point out: you can paste blocks of text into Wackget and it'll parse for URLs and add them to the queue automagically. Neat!

Motherload (another Flash game)

Well, it's certainly not Nanaca Crash.

Cellphone Radiation

A choice quote picked from a recent Slashdot thread about the story behind cellular phone radiation research:

Fifty years from now our grandkids could be laughing at us for holding such dangerous devices up to our heads.

That’s why I keep my mobile in my front trousers-pocket. There’s no chance I’ll be laughed at by grandkids.

YAFG: Yet Another Flash Game: Nanaca Crash

This one doesn't have any penguins or spear-chucking cavemen; instead is substituted a healthy dose of Japaneseu Animu Styleu including squeaky-girl sound effects and people with huge eyes.

You ram a bike into some guy and he gets thrown into the sky. Your score is measured in metres of aerial flight.

Get ready for Nanaca Crash!

My high score so far is 579.62.

Edit: New high score: 1339.89! /( ^o^)/

NATO brevity words

This should be useful for further polluting Battlefield 1942 in-game chat.

Great games @ Underdogs has a ton of older games, stuff I played as a kid, many of them downloadable for free. Score.

(test post)

Actually, George Bush's victory had more to do with hope and growth

From The Economist:

...Democrats need to realise that the Republicans didn't just beat them on fear. They clobbered them on hope.