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Great games @ Underdogs has a ton of older games, stuff I played as a kid, many of them downloadable for free. Score.

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Wirehead says:


They have Descent II on there. The original Descent was a complete mind-fuck when I played it. The meaning of the word "surrounded" takes on a whole new level when you're talking about being surrounded in three dimensions.

Realize this game was contemporary with Doom2 and you'll realize just how insanely advanced it was for the time.


DataBind() says:

Let's give it up for Wing Commander.

lyrical warfare says:

Side note - Final Fantasy 1 & 2 just got released for the Game Boy Advance. It's like a dream come true... since my parents wouldn't buy me a Nintendo when I was a kid. Now my girlfriend won't buy me one.

spincycle` says:

if I can dig mine up in April when I return to the states, do you want me to mail you mine? =)

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