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YAFG: Yet Another Flash Game: Nanaca Crash

This one doesn't have any penguins or spear-chucking cavemen; instead is substituted a healthy dose of Japaneseu Animu Styleu including squeaky-girl sound effects and people with huge eyes.

You ram a bike into some guy and he gets thrown into the sky. Your score is measured in metres of aerial flight.

Get ready for Nanaca Crash!

My high score so far is 579.62.

Edit: New high score: 1339.89! /( ^o^)/

Wirehead says:



Wirehead says:

And, for that matter, 3979.63.

I got t3h ski11z.

Dylan says:


The music... it's infected my head.

Wirehead says:

I muted all Windows sounds and listened to Green Hell about 75 times while playing. That seemed to get rid of it.

Of course, now I want to go eat a baby.

Wirehead says:

I got 4713.something and then my friggin' laptop froze. WOO WOO DELL. I hate this thing. I can't wait until I get mine back.

dcormier says:


You can turn the sound off on that game, you know...

vampirical says:


Garrr, I was doing so well that time.

Dylan says:


Awwwww, yeah.

\(^o^\) (/^.^)/

Wirehead says:

Good Lord, man.

Anyway, I essentially quit trying when I took a look at the high scores page (scroll to the bottom).

They're not even accepting scores under 15,000. The current top score is 87 thousand and something.


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