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Earthlink IPv6 sandbox

I stumbled across this article quite by accident. Neat!

The gist of the matter: Earthlink's R&D lab is doling out blocks of IPv6 addresses, accessible by some router firmware they hacked up.

I think I'm going to flash the firmware on my WRT54g and give it a shot. Why? No practical reason really; it's just too geeky to pass up.

Dylan says:

Okay, well that is just really, really cool.

It will be nice when everything I own that has the ability to turn on has its own IP address.

Wirehead says:

<cough>wives too<cough>?

jpwain says:

Help! Someone's portscanning my girlfriend!

Wirehead says:

Of course that'll give 'em a whole new excuse if they do something particularly sadistic during various times of the month which most definitely do not recur on a regular basis.


'course, we could say the same when we go out and buy a chunk of hardware that we have no idea what to do with, but really really wanted (like the 2 120GB 7200RPM hard drives I just HAD to get the other week at CompUSA for $40 each after rebates, and have yet to open, let alone install).

DataBind() says:

I'll be keeping my wife behind a NAT, thank you very much. No viruses for me.

Dylan says:

Do you trust Nat though? How long have you known him? No viruses? Are you sure? Have you seen his lab results? I'm sure Nat's a nice guy, but you never know.

DataBind() says:

Well, you can never protect against the inside job....

jpwain says:

We're such geeks.

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