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Stim junkies: here now

Holy... Somebody get Niven on the phone, quick.

rnewhouse says:

I can't say it any better than one of the doctors leading this research team:

"I never cease to be surprised by what not only people but what society finds tolerable and desirable," he said.

Dylan says:

Haha! Great April Fools joke! Ha! That's too funny. People electrocuting themselves for pleasure... haha!

Oh wait. You mean our society really is this screwed up and this isn't a joke?


Wirehead says:

It always bothers me that, since I read William Gibson before I read any Larry Niven, my online alias is interpreted by most people to mean "electrostimulation junkie" as defined by Niven. When I originally started using it, it just meant a guy with a datajack installed (Neuromancer, Virtual Light, etc.).

Perhaps those involved should see if there might be something wrong in their lives that makes them feel crappy.

rnewhouse says:

Oh, that would be just too simple.

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