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Oh god I strained my nerd muscle
If I had one of these I'd never leave the house.
Family guy clip, lots of vomiting, very funny. At least, I laughed. A lot. Too much, probably.
Excellent! A must-watch for MP fans.
I think I've found my true calling...
The state of gaming, early 2005. Truer words were never writ.
The characters of the mushroom kingdom 15 years later
This guy gives the moron telemarketer a really hard time. Very funny.
Via BoingBoing. Too cool not to link here.
It's a browser favelet... that views the HTTP server header information. Handy.
There's something vaguely disturbing about the biological feel to this
Fast, stable, not bloated, and works with the superlative DownloadWith extension for Firefox!
Must get funds to build one.
Handy for one-off "gotta hear it now" situations
And HELL YEAH the "extended" RSS feed includes posts embedded links and a roundup of +5 moderated comments. Woot!
See, Wirehead, this is what I was saying
Good to know for authors, musicians, etc.
Reportedly more advanced & better than the native PS support.
Holy... I think I saw this in Ringworld.
One one end: ethernet. On the other: 110v AC. Zap!
This should be a required course of study (along with Elements of Style) once per year, grades 6 to 12 inclusive, plus during college.